Fire at Ministry of Public Contracts


The waiting room of the cabinet of the minister ravaged by flames yesterday.

Black walls, burnt-out sofas, curtains in ashes. These are the damages caused by the fire yesterday around 12:00 in the waiting room of the minister’s office delegated to the presidency in charge of Public Procurement in Yaounde.

According to Fritz Gerald Nasako, the secretary general of this ministerial department and the minister’s collaborators were in full meeting with him when his bodyguard came to announce the news to them. “We were all panicking.

This is how we came out in disaster, “says the secretary-general. “We noticed smoke coming out of this room.

So I went to open the door and realized there was fire. In panic, I went out leaving my phone
, “says one of the secretaries.

The firefighters were called to the rescue and on their arrival, the fire had invaded the waiting room, but remained contained inside. The firefighters were able to neutralize the fire and limit the damage.

All the employees of the building located near the General Tax Department gathered in the parking lot with the Minister. More fear than evil in the end. An investigation is underway to determine the exact causes of the fire.

Cameroon Tribune

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