Alpha Beta Records Lit stages on Electrifying Europe Tour Concert (+Images)

Salatiel and MR Leo turn up the stage in Lyon

Alpha Beta Records as been on a Europe Tour recently with her breath taking artists Salatiel and Mr. Leo. They are to host over 9 shows (2 shows in Berlin,1 Mannheim,1 Hannover, 1 Paris, 1 Lyon,Koln Germany,Brussels Belgium,Denmark and Holland). So far 5 of the concerts has been said and done and validated and 4 more to go.

Alpha Beta Records is definitely not ready to take a chill pill as far as showbiz is concerned. Ending 2016 they graced over 50 concerts in and out of Cameroon. They have produced hit songs back to back as Mr Leo and Salatiel release every single time.

Mr Leo and Salatiel thrilling the crowd at Hannover

2017 has gotten even better as they have experienced the biggest paper work as they signed new faces,new gigs and deals and endorsements even from companies such as Itel. Well, regression is far fetched. Is the CEO and boss salatiel not just an entertainment genius?

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