Anglophone Crisis: Lawyers were to resume work on the 2nd of May, Did they?


In principle, Cameroonian lawyers were to resume work on Tuesday, May 2 in the western English-speaking regions. Their movement which led to a protest which then widened to the feeling of marginalization felt by many Anglophones.

The strike began last October, but the outcome is not yet entirely certain. The date was fixed several weeks ago: the courts were to reconvene on May 2. The president of the Bar Association of Cameroon insisted that he did not make this decision on his own, after meeting with lawyers from the English-speaking West and after traveling to Bamenda and Buea.

But some have already hinted that they did not intend to resume work on Tuesday. The lawyers of the three leaders of the anglophone protest were surprised to see the president call to the end of the strike, but not to the release of the detainees, including the famous lawyer Agbor Bala.

He is currently being tried for terrorism and incitement to secession before a military court in Yaounde and is awaiting a decision by the judge concerning a possible provisional release. A decision that would dispel the crisis, according to the lawyers of English-speaking leaders. In the meantime, they have already warned that they did not feel bound by the promise of the President of the Bar Association.

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