Biya regime accused of negotiating with Boko Haram


According to APAnews, The  Social Democratic Front (SDF), the leading political party of the Cameroonian opposition, expressed its “dismay” at the actions of the Biya regime to “regularly” negotiate with terrorists Boko Haram sect and to provide large sums of money for the release of hostages

At the same time, deplores SDF, “the members of the civil society, with whom its regime was negotiating and should maintain the dialogue, were abducted, deported and locked up in Yaoundé and are accused of terrorism”.

In a statement issued at the end of the meeting of its National Executive Board (NEC), held last weekend in the capital of the Northwest Region, Bamenda, he also noted that the power Is conducting an undeclared war against anglophone citizens of the Northwest and South-West.

This last allusion, it is said, is aimed directly at the stalemate of the anglophone crisis, which has paralyzed these two regions for more than six months following corporatist demands of lawyers and teachers, Transformed into demands for federalism and even separatism.

Analyzing the latest measures taken by the government and moving in the direction of appeasement, the SDF notes that President Paul Biya “finally recognizes his direct responsibility in the current anglophone crisis”.

The party strongly condemns “militarization, human rights abuses, kidnappings, collective punishments and state of insecurities organized by the regime” in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

He also denounces the ongoing legal proceedings against religious leaders in the area, accused of inciting leaders of denominational institutions not to resist the slogan calling for a white school year in the Northwest and South- Where is.

Faced with the numerous abuses noted, the formation announced the establishment of a special commission of inquiry to establish the state of the murders and other violations of freedoms committed since the beginning of this crisis.

After congratulating Emmanuel Macron on his “brilliant election”, on May 7 as President of the French Republic, the SDF announced that it would hold its congress in October 2017, on a date to be determined.

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