Cameroon government orders 22 telecom operators to get their permanent operating permits or…


According to APANews, The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL) of Cameroon has sent a formal notice to 22 telecommunications operators holding “transitional titles”, inviting them to comply with the regulations in force no later than Tuesday Under penalty of penalties.

These include Creolink, Ringo Sarl, Northwave Sarl (Vodafone), Global Solutions Technologies, CFAO Technologies, Digitel Sarl, Decsite Africa Sarl, GTS Infotel, Green Tech, Avilyos, TNT Africa, Afrikanet Online, Matrix Telecom , Easynet SA, Seme Telecom, Sphere 3i and HTT Telecom.

According to the note from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, all these operators and operators of electronic communications networks, holding a transitional title, must send it to its services, by Tuesday, strictly. These include copies of license application files filed with the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART) for the formal issuance of operating titles.

This investment by the minister, Minette Libom Li Likeng, is the logical continuation of one of his press releases issued at the end of last year.

“The attention of my ministerial department,” the minister said, “was drawn to the fact that many operators in the telecommunications sector are operating in violation of the regulations in force”.

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