Cameroon Tech prodigies invent app that makes health solutions just a button away (download app)


Cameroon has the fastest growing Tech hub in Africa as clearly stated by BBC and France 24. The young tech prodigies are at work day and night to transform lives via tech start-ups. One of the most recent innovations that has been underground for a while now is Maealth.(like our page)

Maealth is made up of a group of young aspiring people who work tirelessly to ensure that this app carries out the proper function for which it was invented. It involves; Ebaneck Andui, Claude Ndenge, Akwo Ashangndowah, Dr. Sama fofung, Njang Emmanuel, Christie Linonge, Bantar Ngala.


Maealth is a registered social enterprise using Information Technology to improve the quality of health information, strengthen our national health systems and ensure accessible, high-quality health care for all Cameroonians through software services that have been proven to save lives and improve/develop healthcare systems or structures.

The services provied by Maealth are already running at several hospitals in Cameroon. Through these hospitals they have so far;
”    Registered 300+ pregnant women for the Mobile Mid wife service
”    Registered 865 screening cases for Data Analysis during Cancer Screening at Regional Hospital Bamenda, 25-27 October 2016.
And more
One of the product of MAealth is HelpYourself(HY) which is an app under Maealth
A simple to use, visually appealing android app that provides educative and life-saving health information to users and helps them connect to a platter of healthcare services through the below mentioned app features:

”    First Aid
”    Natural Medicine Solutions
”    Mom’s Guide
”    Menstrual Period Tracker
”    Live Chat with a Medical Doctor
”    Hospital Finder

App Display


App Background

1.    140,000 people in a developed world like the UK, die each year in situations where first aid could have helped save their lives. What more of our gradually emerging nation Cameroon, with a mediocre health care system?

2.    Natural medicines are helping more and more people that are suffering from illnesses that are totally preventable or costly to treat. Because of the high costs involved with manufacturing modern medicines, many people living in developing nations, Cameroon etc simply do not have the the financial resources to pay for them, and as a result, they are forced to use natural solutions as an affordable alternative. Making information available to users on how to use these natural solutions is like an answer prayer.

3.    Poor access to information on prevention practices and healthy lifestyles for mothers thus contributing to the high infant mortality rates in Cameroon; 53.43 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2015.

4.    Low doctor per patient ratios: 1:10,000 urbanareas and 1:50,000 in rural areas

5.    Period hit once a month; but the exact day they arrive, the severity of cramps, flow and mood swings aren’t quite so reliable. It is not wonder, then, that our period tracker feature will be of absolute importance to young girls.

6.    Easily search for nearby hospitals and their emergency contact lines  in case of serious emergencies

The Help Yourself (HY) App is presently available on Google Playstore. DOWNLOAD HERE for free and recommend to others if you are on an android phone.


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