Cameroon Tech prodigy to make travelling easy with just the press of a button (interview)


If you have been watching the tech industry closely, you should have noticed that Cameroon is one of those influential tech hubs in Africa. The creation of several start-up companies has enhanced the growth of the technological sector in the country

One of these tech prodigies is Stephane Kabongo who originates from Cameroon’s West Region. Karawa Diary met to talk with him on one of his innovative tech ideas,, which is gradually being put into use by many. Twiiscar serves as a platform between private individual car owners and people who want to travel. It is a platform that brings the car owner and the traveller in one place for a mutual gain.

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Karawa Diary had a little chat with him sometime back and this is what he had to tell us;

KD: Good day Mr Stephane Kabongo, it’s a pleasure to have you talking to Karawa Diary today

Stephane: It’s a pleasure to be here.

KD: We were so thrilled by your amazing creation, Twiiscar, When did you get into the tech world?

Stephane:I have been involved for the past 3years. I don’t think that it has been so long but it was enough to breed several ideas.

 KD: What was the inspiration behind Twiiscar?

Stephane: I grew up watching the transportation system of Cameroon closely and took note of how sometimes we take long queues just to book for a ticket. I always wonder to myself why something that needs so much comfort gets to involve so much discomfort. This passion and desire to create something more comfortable has been my drive. I wanted to make something simpler, more practical and more comfortable to deal with. I knew technology makes life simple. That’s how Twiiscar was conceived.

KD: What issue(s) were you trying to solve with these app?

Stephane: We wanted to make something that could redefine the future of transportation in Cameroon. Travelling should be more fun than it is now in Cameroon. And we also wanted to take advantage of the fact that several people travel with empty cars where as they want to get subsidies for their fuel from other people. These people they want to get subsidies from are passengers who possibly wish to travel to the same destination as the car owner. However, the car owners cannot have access to these people probably because of the ego to pose their car as a transportation vehicle, the lack of the time to wait at a park to get their cars loaded because they could be late for whatever they were travelling for. As a car owner therefore, Twiiscar connects you directly to a client(s) who wishes to travel to your location and as such makes it easy for you to get to your location as a driver on time and also make money for yourself from the transported person and in response giving the passenger a more comfortable ride than he/she will have had at a public transportation agency

Stephane Kabongo

KD:What is its Main use of Twiiscar?

Stephane: It’s an App and Website that connects individuals who want to travel to drivers who are good to go at a particular set time.

KD: How does Twiiscar work?

Stephane: Like I earlier mentioned, Twiiscar has an app and a website ( through which an individual who wants to travel to a particular place could go to and check available vehicles. These available vehicles have contact information and destination information. The contact information is for the traveller to contact the driver directly for bookings. On the other hand, the individuals with private cars can also subscribe to the Twiiscar website with all their detailed information so that people interested to travel can have access to them. I just want to add that, for now, the company is still working with subscribed drivers who are ready to with under the terms and conditions placed by Twiiscar.

KD:Do you think this app could totally replace some taxis in a long run?

Stephane: No. It’s an app that has nothing to do with in-town mobility. Twiiscar is to work specifically between inter-regions, inter-divisions and inter-towns. It has nothing to do with the taxi transportation system. So, I don’t see it replacing taxis anytime.

KD: What is your highest level of education?

Stephane: I left school as far back as secondary school to follow my passion. Being an entrepreneur has always been the dream. I am not in any way trying to insinuate that schooling is not good or a further education will not have been good, but it was a decision I happily made. (He says while smiling)

KD:Why choose tech amongst all the entrepreneurial platforms existing?

Stephane: According to me the 21st century is all about technology. The ability to offer Hi-tech solutions to almost everyone that needs it. Information and communication technology has become like an organ in the human body in other words; I mean it is basically indispensable in this age. The world of today is fast growing and Hi-tech is changing our way of living. How can I not choose to be part of that? (He laughs)

KD: Who are those who can use Twiiscar?

 Stephane: Everyone who can use a smartphone in Cameroon can use our service. Twiiscar also addresses itself to the disconnected population both urban and rural areas. It will be very useful to mainly those who travel once in a while or often and want it done with ease say from Douala to Buea or Douala to Yaounde.

KD: What next after this…Improvement or any Short Comings?

Stephane:We are going to augment the level of security by improving on the verification process of the website. This will ensure that users are verified, safe and at no risk with intruders or scammers or any ills. We also plan to extend to all parts of Cameroon in a long run.  In all parts of Cameroon we mean regions villages of Cameroon which is the main goal. More so, we’ll want to acquire more workforce or people whom we can trust and who love and are passionate about what they do, to help us accomplish our set goals or mission. Here we are talking about creating a maximum rate of employment through Twiiscar for Cameroonians. Also, we want to ensure that people do not confuse Twiiscar with traveling agencies.

KD: Thanks for meeting with us Mr Kabongo

Stephane: Thank you for having me.

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