CAN 2016: Each Lioness to be entitled to about 27.5 million if they lift the trophy


According to APAnews, the Cameroonian government promised a bonus of more than 27.5 million CFA francs, excluding taxes (11%), that is more than 24.4 million FCFA in the end of the competition to each of the 21 players of the football selection.

This money will only be handed in case of victory at the 10th African Cup of Nations (CAN) of the category organized by the country from 19 November to 3 December. According to the national federation of the discipline (FECAFOOT), this envelope represents the attendance, qualification and objective bonuses, the first two bonuses cited, of a total of 4.5 million FCFA, to be paid before the beginning of the competition.

For coach Carl Enow Ngachu, who on Monday announced the list of his 21 selected, the final victory bonus will amount to about 48.9 FCFA. It is recalled that Cameroon will play in the group A of the CAN based in the capital Yaounde, with opponents South Africa, Egypt and Zimbabwe and that the hen B, established in Limbe (South-West) , Is made up of Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Nigeria.

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