Catholic Church releases statement over the death of bishop Bala,several press outlets on it


APA-Yaoundé (Cameroon) Cameroonian newspapers on Thursday discussed the latest communiqué of the National Episcopal Conference (NCPC) on the mysterious disappearance of the Bishop of Bafia (Center), Jean Marie Benoît Bala, whose Body was recovered on June 2 in the waters of the Sanaga, a hundred kilometers from the capital, Yaounde after three days of disappearance.

“Bishop Bala was assassinated,” summarizes by Le Jour, who noted that it was the first time the clergy responded with so much spontaneity and vigor after the murder of one of its members.

The 11-point document of the NCPC, the Cameroon Tribune newspaper, recounts the circumstances of the death of the Bishop of the Diocese of Bafia until May 31, 2017 and who, in the deep conviction Of his grieving colleagues and with regard to the first observations, “dismiss the hypothesis of suicide”.

The bishops stress the pressure on the regime, according to Emergence, for whom the declaration of the clergy is a veritable indictment against laxity and a sort of impunity, in which the leaders of the country now seem to revel in the series of assassinations of ” Men of the Church.

The New Expression takes up this feeling of spite, word for word and on its own account: the bishops demand that all the light be made on the death of their colleague, demand the official conclusions of the investigation and, above all, that the guilty Identified and delivered to justice.

“The Church is rumbling and threatened,” confirms the weekly L’Essentiel newspaper, which sees Christians and Cameroonians, without distinction of tribe or confession, claiming the same thing as the Episcopal Conference to get out of disarray.

“Let the investigation progress and the truth be made on the death of Bishop Bala. May the justice come to put a little light in this fog in which we evolve since the disappearance of the bishop. In this troubled context, there is only justice that can tell us who are the angels and who are the demons. ”

For InfoMatin, especially against the clergy, the Catholic Church in Cameroon “flees the mirror”, vigorously denouncing the unsolved death of the prelates, members of the clergy and consecrated persons, abandoning everything to the hands of the State whose A role which is certainly regal, but disengages itself from any obligation of parallel investigation, which could put pressure on the public judicial authorities and contribute to the manifestation of the truth.

“This pastism will not fail to intrigue certain observers. And the proof that the clergy can, even if he knows more than he wants to believe, is in this assertion without appeal: Bishop Bala did not commit suicide; He was brutally murdered. “

Putting public authorities in front of their responsibilities, protecting human lives in general, and those of ecclesiastical authorities in particular, is only normal, but the facts make it possible to put the NCPC’s statement in perspective, “Let us believe in a macabre plot against the men of God, all obediences confounded:” There is a strong feeling that the assassinations mentioned above – and which no ordinary human can tolerate – are especially aimed at the shepherds of the Catholic Church. And no imam or pastor of any other obedience. A curiosity that awakens other curiosities. “

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