#CrushOfTheWeek: Numerica, check out five facts about him u did not know


Hey KD readers, it is a new week and you already know. In this Diary, we pen down our weekly crushes. This column celebrates those people using their talent to affect their immediate society and the world at large.

Our week’s crush is Numerica some fans think he is the best when it comings to swag. Not withstanding, we are here today to give you five facts about Numerica you probably did not know. Let us dive in;

  1. His real name is Alexandre Loic Tientcheu (born june 19,1991)
  2. Numerica  was revealed to the public at the end of 2012 with his debut single  ”VAS-Y MOLO’ and later in 2013 with  ”IL FAUT T’ENJAILLER ”  which was  in 2013 one of the most aired urban music video from Cameroon at international level.
  3. He is co-owner of the Label THENUM237
  4. Numerica was nominated at the Cameroon Academy Awards 2013 as Best Urban Artist of the year.
  5. Did you know that he was suspected for having a Romantic relationship with Daphne? He even played video vixen in her two recently released videos.

And that is it about our crush of the week beautiful people. But we won’t leave you without letting you have a feel of one of his visuals. Yes, that is a bonus and you can thank us later.

NO way by NUmerica Ft Daphne




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