Douala: 4 members of same family burnt to ashes in fire out break


Four people lost their lives in Douala recently in a fire outbreak. A man his wife and two kids all got covered in the angry flames.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday night in the locality of Ngoumou, where a lot of people of gathered at the scene.

According to investigation by forces of law and order, the fire out break was triggered a lit candle in the presence of fuel that was earlier sold to a bike rider in the earlier hours and carelessly kept.

Carried away by sleep, occupants whose father, Amié Benjamin, his wife and their children respectively 10 and 8 years old were all consumed, despite the intervention by fire fighters.

Ntsama Ntsama Marlyse Sidonie neighbor of the victims narrated their last memory before the drama

“I was lying down and I heard how a motorcycle taxi driver asked my neighbors to serve him a liter and a half of fuel. Some time later I heard “fire, fire” cry out. It was at that moment that I rose up, To my dismay the flames were already at my nearest neighbor” The woman narrated

In their rage, the flames from this concession made of temporary materials and the stock of fuel, quickly spread, attacking neighboring homes that could only be saved thanks to the intervention of the Firefighters and the mobilization of local residents.

The flames in their fury left nothing in their path, even attacking the nearest home.
The authorities ordered an investigation while the bodies of the victims were deposited and made ready for burial.

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