Felix Teche Nyamusa wants to take over Fru Ndi; Feels Fru Ndi is no longer useful


Felix Teche Nyamusa wants to take over the presidency of the party because he feels that “the time when Fru Ndi was useful is over.”

Felix Teche Nyamusa wants the vote of his party members,that of  the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), whose congress was announced for next October. At the end of the congress,  it will be seen who will represent the main opposition party in the 2018 presidential elections. John Fru Ndi, SDF chairman, has not yet announced his Candidature But he is the one the party has been investing on since 1992.

John Fru Ndi, the president of the SDF party created two years earlier after multipartism was validated in cameroon, had been a candidate for the presidential election and won 35.9% of the votes against 39, 9% for Paul Biya. A score that has remained historic as far as elections in Cameroon are concerned. Many people actually believed that the vote was stolen away from Fru Ndi at the time. Since then, the chairman has not done better. In 2011, for example, in the last presidential election , he notably collected 10, 712% of the votes against 77% for Paul Biya.

Felix Teche Nyamusa believes he can do better because “the time when Fru Ndi was useful to the party is over.” Since February 2017, he had paid the sum of 100,000 CFA francs as a nomination fee for the presidency of the party. The training journalist has also produced a biography that summarizes his vision for Cameroon. The candidature of Felix Teche Nyamusa for the presidency of the SDF is the only registered for the moment.

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