Gasha tables public apology to her former Label Stevens Music Entertainment


The sensational female singer and Kaki Mbere crooner fell out with her Record Label the Stevens Music Entertainment sometime back due to some misunderstandings that Karawa Diary can not ascertain.

After her signatory under the record label, she released a couple of hit songs such as kaki mbere an award winning song, This life, Champions and several others. After the huddles that came between her and her Label, very little has been heard from her.

Gasha yesterday the 9th of November went to her Facebook wall to table a public apology to her former record label. She expressed remorse for her actions that led to the breakage of their relationship which she described as “marriage’. See her post below…

Recently, Gasha relocated from her residence in USA to Cameroon. She definitely will want to kick off in the good books of everyone beginning with her former music family.

A respected gesture from Gasha or not? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

Listen to Gasha below


  1. Wow,such a beautiful gesture.An amateur as she said,thus bound to make errors.Has definitely learned and is ready to turn things around.If God forgives,then who are we not to.A gesture of humility which is the secret to higher heights and success.The secret to the top is to go low or down.It pays to be humble and that is exactly what you are doing Gasha.Nothing shall stop your shine that i can guarantee with such an attitude.An advise for you too,dedicate yourself to studying the gospel of the kingdom of God and of Jesus Christ and make sure to identify yourself as Son.With that,nothing shall stop you.Wish you the best…..

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