“I do not want to be associated with you” Jovi blasts MTV BASE Francophone(photo/+video)


Cameroon’s top rapper and New Bell Music CEO has been very active lately on his twitter page. He was busy making his points clear as concerns the present “Francophone” and “Anglophone” saga that is almost tearing the country Cameroon apart.

One of his tweets caught Karawa Diary’s attention as it really had nothing to do with his previous political related tweets. This one had everything to do with his recent project and video release. Jovi the Mboko god went on twitter to warn MTV BASE Francophone( a popular music channel) to stay off covering his art. He took a screenshot of the MTV BASE article written about him on the MTV website and tweeted alongside his warning.Read the tweet below…

The tweet read “MTV BASE Francophone or whatever you call yourself. Do not tweet or write on me I do not want to be associated with you”

MTV BASE Francophone actually did a coverage of Jovi’s newly released video Mongshung.. According to the screenshots taken by Jovi, the MTV site introduced Jovi as being silent for a while as he worked on the Projects of Reniss and Pascal. The intentions actually back fired with the reaction from the Mboko god. See the screenshot below..

Watch the Video Mongshung below..


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