“I have handheld several of our top artists and actors into opportunities…they have never come back to thank me” Wax Dey Reacts to talks


Amidst the Social Media war that has been going on between Jovi LeMonstre of New Bell Music and MArtin Enow of Motherland Music, Wax Dey the Afrima Winner and Co-Owner of Calabash Music decided to gift them 5 million for a diss track. The offer however back fired with Jovi’s response to the offer . Read here

However, some others took this response to throw insults at Wax Dey for all the artists under his management that he has not taken care of. Wax Dey how ever did respond to these talks.See his post below…

Asides his response to fans getting back at him for mismanagement he also gave out a statement from the label under which he is signed, Calabash Music. The Statement read as below as i quote

If an artist signed to Calabash intend to leave the label, the artist can call a meeting with the label manager and express that desire. Last year, two artists signed to Calabash asked the label to be set free, and the management decided to set aside their termination clauses and set them free of their contracts, without having to pay back any expenses. We appreciate the maturity of the artists, and wish them well in their future endeavours. And we indicated to them that our doors remain open.

However, in the case of one rapper, he chose to go to social media and spread rumours and lies about the label. Artist/label relationships are a contract matter between artist and company. Henceforth, anyone doing business or working with him does so at their own risk. He can be released once he issues a public apology + a fair termination agreement is signed by himself and Calabash Music. For all those that have worked with him in the meantime, please contact Calabash Music and seek written clearances or take down all the material with immediate effect.

Another group was signed, and are still signed to Lolhiphop (hence Calabash Music) – as individuals and as a group. However, they are working on their own since 2015. After the release of their first single with Lolhiphop, the label organized a tour for them covering several African countries. The first stop was the African Music Concert in South Africa, sponsored by MTN. Although the sponsor had bought their tickets and booked hotels, the embassy denied them a visa. After the failed trip, they sent a message saying they had resigned from the label. We strongly believe they acted under pressure and their communication proved signs of immaturity. Obviously in every relationship, there are conflicts and neither party can be perfect. So we understand the pressures of the industry and that is why we often choose a non-confrontational path in conflict resolution. Since then they have been working with other artists and producing their own material and even released a video. Calls were made for the label to stop them. We refused to do that. We have explained to them that we want them to progress, so we have let them keep working – but at some point, they will have to sit down and do a proper termination. The label has not interfered with their activities since then. However, it appears now that our leniency in the matter is being used to generate a sense of justification for artists to disregard their labels, and that is a bad precedence for the industry. Therefore, we are issuing a notice to those who have been working with them, including STM Records to contact Calabash Music with immediate effect and sort out usage rights for the production works they have undertaken with Calabash artists, and for the artists themselves to contact management and do what is required. Again, our commitment to the group, as they know, is that they progress with their talent and we are comfortable that Calabash will always be fair and considerate with them. But things must be done right, or there are bound to be consequences henceforth.

Calabash Music remains committed to working with fresh new talent. We have our unique systems and processes, and we shall maintain them because we believe they are sustainable and ultimately more profitable in the long run.

For us to grow, there must be order.

Finally, in the next few weeks, we will be announcing two initiatives – one that will help artists get financial rewards that neither the government nor the many multinational companies that are greatly exploiting our music are giving us. The second initiative will give a chance to one upcoming Cameroonian artist every month to benefit from production and financing support, for their personal career development, without signing any contract or attachment. We will work with those that are willing to work with us. Watch the space!”

So much drama in just a few days. KD readers leave us your comments below and stay tuned to our saturday radio podcast. We will bring this to you in our chat.

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