“Jovi tell him to be careful…his crown can fall off” Maahlox reacts after Stanley Enow endorses Jovi


The Mother Land artist Stanley Enow later yesterday went unto his Facebook and Snap Chat platform to endorse Mongshung video, a song by the New Bell Music CEO and artist JOvi LeMonstre. He put the video with some punchlines from the song unto which he tagged the fact that that was his best song of the Year.

Despite the fact that his endorsement on Jovi’s song pleased several Cameroonian fans, it seemed not to have downed well on Maahlox Le Vibeur who is also a hit maker and rapper. Maahlox went unto his personal Facebook profile to usher an advice to Jovi in Response to Stanley Enow’s post. See Below..

In simple comprehensive english, Maahlox is saying, “JOVI Le MONSTER I see how you are  cutting the pipe ??? Only tell him to be careful as he stoops trying to succeed you, his crown can fall from his head ???? #noDignity today we insult tomorrow we wish success #THEGAME”

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I am still thinking that Stanley Enow had good intentions for Jovi when he said Mongshung was his best song of the year. What do you think KD readers. Is Maahlox just over reacting or seeking for some lamplight attention.

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