Jovi terms Mr Leo “the man now” and praises Daphne’s Calée as well as Alpha Beta Records (see posts)


CEO and co-owner of New Bell Muzic Jovi LeMonstre took to his twitter page today to sing some praises to failure Cameroonian artists. Well, is this supposed to be news? something worth talking about on KD? of course it is. It has been a long time coming since we had this holding hands process in the industry. Though some people have it that the Cameroon Industry’s support ends at social media shout outs, it is still commendable to see artists praise each other irrespective of what platform they used

Earlier today Jovi went on his twitter page to describe Mr Leo as the man of the music industry, he also went ahead to praise Salatiel CEO of Alpha Beta Records and his record label. See posts below.

As if it was not enough, Jovi was giving a shout out to Daphne the Calée crooner. He professed his love for the song. see post below

KD readers, is this a good sign for our industry or not when artists begin to hold hands. However, we are hoping to see same Jovi do a collaboration with another artists asides someone in his label.

Watch Calee video below…


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