Kenyan woman Exposes cheating husband on a national newspaper


Over the years women have used very creative methods to expose or shame their Cheating husbands. This one in particular made sure the entire country was aware of the nature of her marital home.

A Kenyan lady, Wanjiru Kamami who is tired of her husband’s cheating decided to embarrass him by putting up his photo on a national newspaper, warning young ladies about his marital status. Read the translated version of the advert below

“This is to inform the general public that the person whose photograph appears above is the husband to Wanjiru Kamami (Shiro) since 1982, (sic) therefore if you see him getting lied to with school girls or young women at the market, tell him to go home or call my number 0751993571”

Shoud this Lady be given a Medal or a psychiatric test..?

What do you think?