Laugh out! Funniest tweets and posts about Anglophone crisis in Cameroon


Well, the anglophone problem has brought all sorts of drama in the nation Cameroon. From rape, to abduction, to ghost towns (actually my favorite). But I can’t stop laughing alone when I read tweets or posts directed to certain persons or for general interest. What’s your fav?

CRTV caught on bilingualism

crtv can’t spell. bilingualism issues

Death announcement of former PM. Sah, people have bile!

former pm dead?

This is ghostliness of the ghosts! Plebiscite day, 2017? Really?

D.O watches as ghosts are marching
no man cam field eh?

Proscribed consortium using gospel. THIS IS SERIOUS!

merde! Proscribed consortium quote bible. up water don dirty

Begging Trump to use his travel ban on one man?POPO IS A MUSLIM?HMMM. That’s awesome! lol

Trump’s ban now affects 8 entities ,THUS POPO IS A MUSLIM!

Digital immigration office should do their jobs. LOL

UN should include southern cameroon in refugee programme

And yes!! Digital Immigration Office is doing their job. Lovely country!

DIO in partnership with ActivSpaces

And it always finishes with la sauce. wekie!!

dans la sauce.

What’s you favorite? What’s your take on the crisis? Don’t forget to comment below.

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