Lions Den: More trouble rising as Ayongo Bitolo claims to have been abandoned in Brussels


The atmosphere is not favorable with the indomitable Lions. Several huddles have been experienced in the Lions den after their loss to a friendly match recently Karawa Diary learned. Hugo Broos, the coach of the Lions revealed the bad governance by FECAFOOT on the team and frowned terribly at it.

Recently Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo also claimed to have been abandoned in Brussels by the Fecafoot. According to Oyongo Bitolo, he asked the leaders of the federation for a modification on his flight ticket, to postpone his departure from Brussels in the afternoon, in order to arrive in Montreal in the middle of the day and not early in the morning. The footballer did not get the change which spark anger against the FECAFOOT. In an audio, widely relayed on Internet, the Cameroonian footballer declares to have been abandoned in Brussels after the match against the national Sily of Guinea.

He said, “You give your heart, your soul, your life for your nation, but others do not recognize your worth,” . He continued by saying that he was determined, despite everything, to continue with the Lions, “But in any case, you will not discourage us. We were born in Cameroon, we grew up in Cameroon. We are not going to abandon our country, “he concluded.

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