Manchester Arena attack: ISIS Supporters Celebrate On Twitter, Urge More Such Attacks


Terrorist group ISIS supporters have been celebrating the bomb attack in Manchester, with some calling for more such attacks via Twitter and Whatsapp.

The attack  (blast) happening at the concert of top U.S female pop artist, Ariane Grande had at least  killed 22 people and injured around 59 others. Some people have not yet been found as families are putting up photos over social media of their loved ones who are yet to be seen.

ISIS celebrates attack
ISIS celebrates attack

Although ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the attack, supporters of the militants used Twitter accounts tied to the group to praise the blast, describing it as retaliation for Western airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Using the trending #ArianaGrande and #Manchester hashtags, they posted ISIS propaganda materials and called for similar attacks to be carried out elsewhere, using the slogans, “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them” and “Kill Them Everywhere.”

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