Panic in Ndop as Southern Cameroons television hit households, police hunt viewers


Karawa Diary learned from Cameroon Concord that Panic griped administrative authorities in Ndop in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region, when cable operators in the Division recently added the newly created Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC TV) to their cable lines and transported the signals into homes.

Within hours, everybody in Ndop was watching the television channel and relegated the State-owned Cameroon Radio Television Corporation (CRTV) to the background.

The people said CRTV has been carrying out Government propaganda and broadcasting lies to Cameroonians and the entire world about the Anglophone Problem, which has paralysed economic, academic and judicial institutions in the North West and South West Regions for half a year now.

The people regarded SCBC as their own station that will tell their own story and portray their suffering to the entire world to see how Anglophones in Cameroon are not only marginalised, but how they are treated as second class citizens by their French counterpart.

News of the new channel spread in the Ngoketunjia Divisional headquarters (Ndop) like wild fire and within hours, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Ngoketunjia, Valery Nobert Kuella, is said to have switched on his television set in the office and captured the new channel.

Stunned by the new channel and the enthusiasm with which the population of the Division has received it, the administrator immediately summoned the Legion Commander of Ndop to his office and ordered him to rally his men and arrest the seven cable network operators and dashed into households and arrest all those watching the new channel.

The Ndop Legion Commander and his men set out for work and swooped on the cable network distributors and remanded them into custody, while a manhunt was opened for viewers of the channel.

The SDO is reported to have requested for more security forces to be drafted into the Division to help maintain law and order, especially as the country prepares to celebrate her 45th National Day.

According to Kuella, the Division has been suffering from intense Ghost Town and that the administration will not take any chances from anybody that will attempt to destabilise the security of the State.

The SDO is also said to have ordered that all young people who are fanning and promoting the Ghost Town calls in Ndop should be arrested.

Speaking to Cameroon Concord one of our source in Ndop said; “Young people in Ndop, especial the male are sleeping in their farms now just to escape from arrest.”

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