People: David Eto’o traditionally married (photos)


It was hot last weekend in Odza distric in Yaoundé as Karawa Diary learns. After the great 9 Samuel Eto’o showed the example some time back, it was the turn of his little brother David Eto’o  to take over. The one who is now the captain of the Union of Douala has traditionally married the beautiful Cathy Vanessa Olomo! A ceremony marked by the seal of the customs of the village.

David Eto’o was no where to be found in Douala last weekend. The boy was copiously being installed in Yaoundé, in the district of Odza into his now beautiful family. Indeed, the little brother of Samuel Eto’o got married to the young Cameroonian Cathy Vanessa Olomo. Is it the beauty of the loincloth that you wanted to see? then you had it all here.

It must be said that this guy who has been with union of Douala has conformed to the tradition! They were wrapped in  clothes like  newborn babies. It was in such attire that the elegant boy appeared in style to ask for the wives hand from her family. History of respecting the tradition of the daughter’s family which requires that the future son-in-law thus presents himself during the customary marriage.

If one sticks to the message of David to his sweetheart published on his account Instagram, it has been 5 years since the two cakes made the perfect love. It is therefore the consecration of a relationship sufficiently built with time I guess. Or what will you have me say KD readers. The guy was very explicit in his message: “5 years ago, when I met her, I knew right away that she was my soul mate, the person with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She makes me laugh, she knows how to listen to where to console me when I have a little depression, but especially, she makes me happy. I would like to thank my family and my wife for supporting us in our dream of getting married and for being with us from the beginning.

He continued: “Cathy Vanessa Olomo I take advantage of these little lines to tell you how much I love you. Even in my wildest dreams! I could never have imagined that being at your side would be such a joy! ”

Congratulation to the love birds and we are definitely waiting to see the legal and church part of it. See more photos


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