Photos from Bamenda showing Released Detainees from Yaounde; some not found


During the Strike that picked up sometime in the English Speaking region Of Cameroon, some youths from the North West and South West lost their lives. Some of these youths were arrested and detained in Yaounde.

One of the conditions given by the Consortium if they government wanted to dialogue was first of all that the detainees should be released with immediate effect before dialogue can proceed.

According to information reaching Karawa Diary, right now at Governors office Bamenda the detainees just arrived from Yaounde. However , not every family member have been able to see their children. The lady pictured below lamenting is doing so because her son is not among those released.See Images Below.

These Women are Lamenting because they cannot find their Children

Karawa Diary will bring you more on this story later.

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