“Please keep my name off politics I beg of you”, Magasco aka Bamenda Boy pleads


The crooner of Wule Bang Bang and the signatory to Empire Magasco aka Bamenda Boy took to his Facebook profile to show his disappointment at fans who always read politics into his Music.

Lately, a date of one of his concerts was rumored for the 20th of May which is celebrated as Reunification day in Cameroon. Due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis, the two english regions of Cameroon are supposed to stay off the celebration of this day as it directly affects them. Rumor of Magasco’s concert for same day was rather seen as political and rebellious to the struggle.

However, Magasco came to clear the air about the talks as concerns all these and this is what he said;

I don’t know what MAGASCO BAMENDA PIKIN HAS DONE TO POLITICS that it keeps pursuing Him.we out here battling with bills here and there but no one really cares .just waiting for any opportunity to kill ur own BROTHER.
Sunday 21st may , I will have a night out with my Fans in Atlanta. Once the deal is settled will have the flyers out and to confirm with you.
IT has nothing to do with Politics so the term of the hang out will be announced this week.
We are just out here honestly working to put food on the table. PLEASE KEEP MY NAME OFF POLITICS I BEG OF YOU.” See the post below.

Magasco’s concert is booked for the 21st of May and it is not in Cameroon. So please keep Bamenda Boy out of all the political huddles.

What do you think?