See Magasco,Salatiel, Daphne, Minks,Ambe and more doing the “Bidoung Kpatt Challenge” (photos)


Though we had a very tensed week in our blessed country Cameroon, Karawa Diary thought of bringing something that could ease the tension for a bit.

For those of you KD readers who don’t know what the Bidoung Kpatt challenge is, I will tell you. First of all, take a look at the picture below, it explains itself entirely.

Its that hand shake that says I respect and fear you at the same. It was first exercised by Cameroon’s Minister of Sports Bidoung Kpatt as he greeted the President Paul Biya.


We had Cameroonian artists keeping up with the challenge this week. Laugh out a little as you glance through the pictures below.

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These artists have their crazy parts too, don’t they?

Karawa Diary will love to see a picture of you doing a BK challenge too. Send the picture to us via the Karawa’s Diary Facebook page and also via twitter with hash tag #karawadiary #BKchallenge.


What do you think?