See photos from Dencia’s on going video shoot in Douala,Directed by Dr Nkeng on a Red Camera (photos)


Karawa Diary has been following Dencia very closely lately after her talks of getting into politics and eventually becoming president in 2032 (did u miss that? Read here). The past weekend she hosted an event to showcase her products and as well empower young entrepreneurs on how to build their brand.

It seems Dencia decided to use one stone and shoot two birds with her coming to Cameroon. She is presently in Douala, the economic city of Cameroon shooting a video for her upcoming song. The Entrepreneur and singer decided to add a little twist to the shoot as information is reaching Karawa Diary that she is using the biggest of video camera’s in the world of cinematography and the song is being directed by the one and only Nkeng Stephens. Kudos to them both and especially Dencia for recognizing the worth of a Cameroonian Producer despite her influence in the world of music. See photos below


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