Serge Beynaud to tie the knot come December 10th (photos)


According to JeWanda Magazine, the singer and song writer Serge Beynaud will walk down the isle December 10, 2016 in Abidjan in his city of residence in a glamorous ceremony of course.

Some media reported that he had married in secret earlier. But these were only false rumors. It has officially been confirmed that he is going to make a resolution to spend his life with this one and beautiful damsel come December 10. Hey ladies,if you were crushing on him don’t be angry alright? just change your crush already because he is so taken. He publish pictures of his selected wueen on his website.

As seen on the pictures, you will see the elegant Serge by his beautiful Priya. The photo shoot took place in Abidjan and it was Serge Beynaud giving his fans the opportunity to say what they though of his bride to be.

“So how many likes for the bride and groom?” “He wrote to accompany his post. It will definitely be the bomb in Abidjan.

See more pictures below.

congratulations to the love birds.

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