Sex Scandal: Nsang Dilong speaks up


CAMIFF ( the Cameroon International Film Festival) passed a couple of weeks ago. Despite the glamor that ignited the event, the ending was rather discrediting. Social media went crazy when talks of A Cameroon Actress as was seen on another blog allegedly Nsang Dilong, had  something sexual to do with A foreign Actor, a Nigerian to be precised. It did ridicule the CAMIFF entirely and Karawa Diary was definitely waiting to feed you with the updates.

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Recently, Nsang Dilong came to deny the whole story concerning this. See her post below.

A blogger recently published stories about intimacy between a Nigerian actor and I. The story is false and possibly a means to obtain internet traffic while tarnishing reputations. If this industry has to grow,we don’t have to put each other down for no just cause like we are doing . Much love and respect to my family , friends and those who support the craft”

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