“So Mel B Akwen’s manager Kaynine helped me hold lights and puts himself as video director” >Merlin Caren Blasts the Mel B team

Merlin Caren (in white) Mel B (red) and Kay nine (black)

There has been so much of a social media uproar between Merlin the video director and Mel B’s team after her video was released lately. Initially I was not going to write about this but i changed my mind after all( why did I even have to tell you this as if it is important)

However, Karawa Diary learned that the recent Mel B video with Longue Longue which was just recently release carried the name of her manager kay nine as the director of that video. Merlin Caren who was initially the person behind the camera of the whole video and who also played the role of the director during the shoot did not find it funny when he noticed he was tagged co director in the video.

Merlin Caren could not bury his anger inside as he came to lash it out against Mel B’s team on social Media

The story goes that, Mr Caren was hired to shoot and direct this video. During the period when he was supposed to edit the video he was involved in some domestic issues that ended him in the hands of the police. Mel B and team seemed to have wanted the video released earlier than stipulated. As a result, they collected the video footages from him and gave to another person to edit.

According to Merlin, during the shooting Kay nine played the role of the guy who handled the lights and when the video was released he was now tagged the director, I mean He Kay nine was tagged the director and Merlin the second as co director.Caren also said he was not completely paid his sum of 50,000 balance for the shoot which he asked for a couple of times to no avail.At the time this article was being written he had still not had his balance despite the fact that credits were taken away from him as main director of the video. He also ranted that the video was released with all sorts of errors as you can see on this screenshots below. Wala! By the way, why all the huddles? This video had all kind of wealth portrayed in it, could it be that money was spent on all those cars and nothing left for the director or is Merlin just seeking for notice?

Kay nine of course reacted in response to Merlin and said as seen in the screenshot below.

So according to Kay nine, He could not respond to Merlin Caren because they are not of same level. But KD readers, what will you have me say about this? Our growing industry with more beef that hits I guess. Stay tuned to our Saturday podcast. We will be talking this too. Don’t forget to leave us your comments in the comment box below as you watch Blessing video below.


  1. More beefs than hits actually. Our industry is yet to find its balance but everyday its one beef to another. When I saw the video, I tot all those props in the video were just a part of it. Little did I know it was a mistake. I dont know why these people in the industry cannot handle their issues quietly. They are all amateurs and keep making a lot of noise. Shame!

  2. We all agree the Mel B’s team did wrong. Merlin Caren is smhw not wrong. That will teach a learson 2 others who will want 2 destroy others career.

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