Spanking New: Stone Age 1; “The Introspective” by MD Lyonga


The simplicity in one of MD Lyonga’s EP project. Simply described as below.

“The civilization of homo sapiens species is ‘captured’,…
the blind leads the same,
Psychosis or not, Lyonga decides to introspect in an attempt to escape”

The song treats the deep things of our daily life style. All the political Wahala intertwined in the verses. Enjoy the brief song. Stay close to the repeat button, you might want to press it several times. Listen Below

Stone Age is an Introspective 3-part series project.
It is allegorical. The pronouns and characters should not be taken literally as it may lead to depression or simply misleading.
Born from a place of destitute and pain.
Inspired by societal challenges as it pictures the tussle between the powers that be and the common woman/man.
Produced, written, mixed and mastered and Md Lyonga.


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