Stanley Enow on Jovi’s case again (photos)


Recently Stanley Enow went on his Facebook Page to endorse Jovi’s latest released video Mongshung. He quoted some punchlines from the song and hash tagged the fact that the video was one of his best songs this year. See below

I know you will be wondering what happened to their alleged rivalry. Are this two actually at loggerheads with each other as their fans assume? Could they have just been fanning the thought for their own careers? I know sometimes controversy really works well in showbizz. The last time these two exchanged any pleasantries on social media was in 2015 when Jovi congratulated Stanley for his nomination at the MAMA 2015 though Stanley did not reply to the congratulations from Jovi. See below

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Jovi LeMonstre, CEO of New Bell Music and Stanley Enow who also doubles as the CEO of Mother Land Record label are the two most influential hip hop artist Cameroon has. They also ranked amongst the most successful Cameroonian artists.

For the passed years, Fans of Jovi and Stanley have built this atmosphere around the two artist insinuating that they don’t like each other. I guess they have been playing along with it to fan their careers. I say this because, they has been no actual proof in all these years that these two actually have a problem with each other.

When Stanley Enow came out for the first time to endorse Jovi on Facebook as well as on his Snap chat platform, many Cameroonians got excited by this and maybe me too. Fans think that it is going to be an amazing 2017 as far as the Music Industry is concerned.

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Watch Mongshung Below..

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