The Anglophone Consortium and SCNC banned;See official document from Ministry of Territorial Administration


Today the 17th of January , an official document was released by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization banning the existence of the Southern Cameroon’s National Council the SCNC and Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium CACSC.

This document as seen above though in French, says that these two associations mentioned above are not by any means supposed to be found organizing any meetings or found in any Gatherings. The Notice says that the DOs and SDOs have been authorized to immediately arrest people who violet this ban.

The government has been for the passed month till last week holding meetings with the Consortium to seek solutions to the Teachers and Lawyer demands of the Anglophone regions as well as the Anglophone people. The very last meeting which held last week was the longest that lasted three days. Despite the long deliberations that took place satisfaction was not attained.

Bamenda streets were empty and void of students and pupils, as well as commercial activities.

The Anglophone teachers strike that have kept schools in the North West and South West Regions closed since November 21, 2016 is still to get a way forward as members of the Inter-ministerial Ad hoc Committee to review and propose solutions to the concerns raised by Cameroon Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions and the trade union leaders did not come to a consensus last Thursday 12 and Friday13 January 2017.

Despite the fact that some of the concerns have been sorted out while some are already in the pipeline, the teachers trade unions are yet to call off the strike. During a sojourn to some of the schools in Bamenda this Monday January 16, all the schools were deserted and school gates remained closed even without watchmen at the gate. On the streets of Bamenda, the story is not different as the population is respecting a two-day ghost town called by the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium to protest the shooting of youths during the dialogue meeting with the inter-ministerial committee on Friday in Bamenda. “No schools, no movements, stay indoors on Monday and Tuesday 16th and 17th 2017”.

This is the password following a decision of the 14th of January declaring a ghost town in the North West and South West regions by the Cameroon Civil Society Consortium. A press release to this effect signed by Barrister Nkongho Felix, Dr Fontem A. Neba and Tassang Wilfred, Protest the shooting and arbitrary arrest and maiming of people by the police and Gendarmes when the teachers trade union leaders were preparing to educate the public on the gains of the 48 hours discussion towards the eventual solutions to concerns raised by striking teachers.

The release advices the population against the burning of tires, confrontation and provocation, violence during the ghost town. They also request the government to organize a referendum toward the return of a two state federation for Cameroon. It also emerged from the consortium that the talks were frank, occasionally cordial and heated and featured a plethora of issues ranging from admissions in to professional schools, the non respect of certain laws, to the creation of infrastructure to serve Cameroon education. The consortium also wants all youths arrested during the strike action released.

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