The Anglophone Problem: Former CIA employee Edward Snowden denounces internet cut


    Edward Snowden,the IT person and the former  CIA employee who is on exile in Russia , took to Twitter to denounce the suspension of Internet in the  North and South West regions of Cameroon.It is worth noting that Edward has over 2 million twitter followers. On his Twitter page, he wrote this; “this is the future of repression, against which we must mobilize and fight, # keepItOn # BringBackOurInternet” .

    Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: Edward Snowden Weighs In, Denounces The Suspension Of Internet
    Photo Credits:Cameroon ConcordThe reaction of the famous American computer scientist, Edward Joseph Snowden, provoked an avalanche of comments on social media.

    After this unexpected support from the American, many Anglophone Cameroonians and cyber activists, changed their profile with the hashtag, # BringBackOurInternet #.

    Officially, the Cameroonian government claims the suspension of Internet  in the South West and North West regions was aimed at limiting the spread of false information about the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

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    For over a week now, mobile phone users have been receiving messages that warn them against the spread of false news, or wrong information especially on social networks.The government of Cameroon has threatened defaulters with heavy fines and imprisonment.

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