The Anglophone Problem: Updates from the ongoing meeting in Bamenda


Karawa Diary is receiving information from the on going meeting in Bamenda with the Minister and crew from Yaounde.

According to the information coming in,the trade unions are making a very impressive defense there. They are not talking just about schools but indeed about the Anglo-Saxon culture. There is someone there reporting life but just through text messages.

One of the Members of the Teachers Committee, the TAC President Mr S Valentine spoke out saying via whatsapp,

“Just had a brief meeting with Fame Ndongo. He says very soberly that he has come to solve all the problems concerning education matters we intimate that he has created so that schools can even begin tomorrow. He was very convivial but we’re not carried away by his utterances. He prayed the unions should not work out. Meeting has just started and the unions have greatly altered the agenda that has been adopted. The stakes are really high and Yaounde does not want to go back home empty handed. Just wait and see” Below are images from the on going meeting in Bamenda.



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