The only way Barca and Arsenal can qualify to UCL next round! Parody!


It was drama for two teams that use similarly the same style of play, but from different countries.

Barcelona’s 4-0 defeat at the Parc des Princes in Paris isn’t a strange score line though, but now means a massive overhaul is needed at the return leg. Barca had received such scorelines from Bayern Munchen in the champions league (overall 7-0 agg).


Well, as for Arsenal, it is not strange. They’ve reached their normal exit point, at the hands of their normal masters, Bayern. Arguably enough, Arsene Wenger’s men got an away goal, so stand a chance more than Barcelona.

Our sports analyst have sat down and viewed from a different perspective, the manner in which these two teams could qualify against the odds. For Barcelona to qualify, this should be the line up to use

Return Leg : Barcelona vs PSG, Feb28th 2017,Camp Nou

                                 Barca formation 3-4-3

                                   GK : Spiderman


RB : Merlin                 CB : King Kong                    LB: Thor


                                    CDM : Harry Potter

RWB: Bat-Man              CM : Iron Man                   LWB: Superman


RCF : Jet-Li                     CF : Schwazzerneger         LCF: Jackie Chan

SUBS: Antman, Hulk, Green Lantern, Captain America, Fantastic Four

As for Arsenal, even if Bayern comes with blind players, they won’t win!

What do you think?