Anglophone Crises: SDF Not to participate in the National Day celebration


The Social Democratic Font (SDF), the first opposition party in Cameroon has decided to boycott the demonstrations marking the 45th anniversary of national unity on 20 May, according to an internal circular letter issued Monday evening.

In his address to the heads of the executive, regional and district representatives, the president of the formation, John Fru Ndi, explains this measure by the “inability” of the head of state, Paul Biya, to find relevant solutions To the problems raised by the lawyers ‘and teachers’ unions, which is at the origin of the deep crisis that has shaken the English-speaking areas of the North-West and South-West for 7 months.

In the same vein, he denounced the non-existence of an inclusive electoral code in the country, the inertia of public authorities to create suitable conditions to live together citizens as well as the real risks of a school year and white academic In the English-speaking regions.

For John Fru Ndi, the government has so far been unable to respond to the many calls and deep aspirations of democracy and social cohesion, including in the demand for national dialogue to study the fundamental problems that arise today in Cameroon.

On the other hand, the party is planning “no pomp” activities on May 26th throughout the country to mark the 27th anniversary of its birth.

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