Their cheap wedding melted hearts;they get an all-expenses paid honeymoon


    A young-Kenyan couple whose story of a cheap wedding melted hearts on the internet will now get an all-expenses paid honeymoon.

    Wilson Mutura, 26, and Ann Wambui, 24, reportedly spent 100 Kenyan shillings ( $1) to buy rings for each other and wore t-shirts for the ceremony. They did not have a celebration afterwards.

    “We went home, cooked ugali and sukuma wiki [ Kenya’s staple food] , ate and slept. There was nothing special that we did on our honeymoon,” said Mr Mutura, eDaily news reports.

    The clergy who married the couple shared their story on Facebook before it was picked up by local media.

    A representative of the tour and travel company Bonfire Adventures met the couple:

    Wow, Congratulations to the two newly wedded. KD readers what do you think of this humble union. When there is a will there is definitely a way.

    What do you think?