Topic Of The Week


Hey guys. So another twelve months journey has started and decisions are being made and for some reason we think we will stick by them. The question on everyone’s mind is obvious. Will schools resume on Monday 9 January in English speaking Cameroon? (did it?)By the way there is a rumor that bees stung the police who shot the guy in Bamenda including his kids to death. If its true then looks like this strike may be all hands on deck including “babas”. Anyways,  So far its confirmed the Catholics and Presbyterian powers that be ruled that their schools won’t be opening which brings me to a topic I think light should be shed on.

Most teachers from the private sector private and lay did not get paid over these months of the strike. Their Christmas chicken piece was surely not as big as they would like or not there at all.

For a boarding school for example strike action means less expenditure. They use less electricity since they spend all day in the dormitories so they save money on the classroom lights,laboratory equipment use like computers,save money on chemical lab equipment like chemicals and reagents since they are used less and all in all when the school closes earlier than usual,feeding money is saved, and the bills on light,water and utilities go down. Looks like more money to me don’t you think ?

Lay private teachers may not get to teach so it sounds like reason why they should not get paid but will they get paid double when school resumes and they have to bring these students up to speed? Doesn’t seem likely in my Cameroon. Are salaries not supposed to be planned on the budget or does a new month determine if it happens or not. So how did the festive go on their part with families to feed,bills to pay? How do they pick up if they get called back to school?

Have you ever been through the mission system ? I have been and the tremendous dedication these teachers show to their work is not logically explained by their reward. Or maybe its simply a case of how the saying goes. “Maximum hours,Minimum pay,your reward is in heaven if you get there.”

If we are a church and have to hold moral and Christian  values lets not preach to people we have starved. Lay private schools count on good results to secure next years unending admission list so don’t undermine the possibility of motivation. Lets not call the pot black if we are going to be the kettle.

So will it be an active/ happy new year for the school calendar? May God help us all.


What do you think?