TOTW: The ‘bushfaller’ came and boo suddenly asked to be left alone


Hey guys!! Its our Topic Of The Week (TOWT) Hope you had a good week.So can I just start by saying that the road blocked from Jakiri to Bamenda was a “whoever thought” moment? I know a girl who had her traditional wedding on that day….imagine the guest list. OMG is all I can say. So politics crashed other things right

Anyways we are going into the new year. Do you also feel like 2016 went by so fast especially because you achieved little?. Well the new year always comes with a lot of expectations going in both ways meaning the old year ends with enough to be desired especially in love.

If you are old enough to love then you know how December is as shaky for relationships as January is uncertain for traders.Its December. Traffic is longer because of unlicensed cars, lots of new perfumes for 2nd base friends and Avon roll-ons for people you will obviously forget but have to give something to (3rd base),Haha!.

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“Bushfallers” come into town and suddenly your boo just wants to be left alone. In case you are a guy reading this don’t think I’m only talking about the ladies because lately its a boy and girl thing.   Though its mostly girls. So I was saying these foreign currency guys gets in and home girl seems to be loosing respect for home based (I love that expression) and for a lot of partners or lovers that get dumped because of that you feel unappreciated and the partner seems ungrateful.Some of them even impregnate your girlfriend and she tricks you into taking care of the kid. Wahala!!!

Bottom line is America and other countries have taken a lot of love from us even potential life lasting love. Come to think of it, a guy even goes to Dubai, comes back with some foreign currency and the fake accent and your girl disappears. Yeah, like really disappear.You surely know how you strangely start loving someone after they get on a plane to white folks land and you begin to wonder how much you could love. Here is the thing though. Make an effort in your relationship.

Don’t say “am I supposed to be enough”? it is for the same reason why you take her to fancy places, the reason you make up and doll up to go out and see him,the reason you use a phone and technology and restaurants and music to say “I love you” is proof that on your own you can’t do it. It’s called Effort. Make it. Leave a hard footprint that can’t be weathered away. Surprise her and surprise him…and good luck. These things always need it.


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