Wax Dey opts to offer 5 million for a dis track to both Jovi and Stanley,Jovi Fires back


I guess there is no chill to the Jovi and Motherland fight yet. Don’t tell me you have been missing out on the gist. Well get the story here.

Did I say the end of the whole online wahala is far fetched? Yeah, I did because it is actually far from ending. So today Wax Dey decided to drown himself in a little of the accumulated mud.

Wax Dey wanted to cool the fight by having Stanley Enow and Jovi LeMonstre do a dis track. He opted to offer 5 million to the person who does the better song. See tweets below

This did not come at Jovi well, See what Jovi responded below..

Well, Wax Dey decided to run from the flames heating up by saying as below.

By the way! are you all not entertained? haha

What do you think?