Spanking new: Dijay Karl on new sensational single “Cliché”, (listen here)


Dijay Karl teams up with label mate Neglect Buri, Benzil of eKillin Ent. and Dready Christ of PIM BOYS. The club banger is titled Cliché. This is extract from Dijay Karl’s upcoming album – Dijay Karl Klassics. All these acts are amongst the finest in the entire industry when it comes to
dancehall music.

Cliché as used in the context of this song is to encourage artist to make music that would last. In an era where music is heavily plagiarised, Dija Karl advocates for artists to dive deeper to evoke their unlimited potentials.

Dijay Karl is a producer, singer and song writer. Founder and Co-owner of KBHOOD MUZIK. He is the magician behind popular songs such as Neglect’s fool 4 u, Aboloshi, Jakiri by Vreezy Ville & Arre, Ngombele by Inspi, Ambe ft Daphne – Better Boyfriend etc

The song Cliché will get you putting it on replay.It is that kind of a song.


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