5 Ultimate Success Principles ( event sign up)


Winning is a habit… so is losing. Apply these 5 principles… and you will win anywhere and everywhere…


  1.          Dream Big

Life is a journey; without movement, advancement and progression, there is no life. We were created by God to be goal-oriented visionaries. Without a vision, a goal, a dream, life becomes boring and hopeless. Every great business, movie or work of art, started out with a great vision or dream. God told Abraham: ‘As far as your eyes can see, so shall you receive from me’. God can give you only as much as you are willing to see in your mind.

  1.      Take Action

Before Jesus died on the cross, He said: ‘It is finished’. This means to me that my health, destiny, success and happiness is already assured; because God has already done it for me. God preordained   it from the foundations of the earth that I will excel. This is true, but its up to me to act on this Word. It will all mean nothing if I do not take action. Take action, make one step and God will make two.

                                                                              Frank Edwards… Nigerian Gospel Singer

  1.           Be Consistent

People usually ask me how I’ve managed to write and publish 73 different books and I always tell them; the secret lies in my ‘Everyday’.  There are five things I do everyday. I read, I think, I file, I ask questions and I write. I do these things everyday… including Sundays, Christmas days and holidays. I started filing at the age 17, now I am 70; I have never missed a day.


                                                                                           John C. Maxwell…  Leadership Trainer

  1.      Do What you Love

                          Sometimes life can hit you with a brick… don’t lose faith. I am convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did; and that is true for work as it is for your lover. The only way to be satisfied with what you do is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

                                                                                           Steve Jobs of Apple Computers

  1.         Be Persistent

             The cold in Russia usually makes soccer practice very difficult; but regardless of the nature of the whether, one must never surrender. I think one of the reasons why I made it this big is that I never minimize a practice session. When you have an ambition, hard work and persistence are the vehicles used to get you there

Samuel Eto’o Fils … Cameroonian Football Star

from Inspire Me Magazine … Episode 1



Author: Mac Alunge

Leader of Strawacademy


April 4th 2018

Jongo Hub & Strawacademy Africa


The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge


Buea, CameroonStrawacademy & Jongo Hub will present The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge, taking place at Jongo Hub, Checkpoint Buea (opposite Solidarity Clinic Entrance) on April 29th 2018, featuring Red Carpet, Musical & Comic Performances, Video Premiere, Organizational Showcases and International Business Network.


After the 1 hour Red Carpet, the 2 hour event will feature 1 hour non-stop of artistically animated spoken word performances by Mac Aunge (10 of his 40 inspirational spoken word pieces), spiced with music and graced with art and cultural exhibitions with incredible visual effects and projections. The pieces centre around inspiration, spirituality and love. Musical, Theatre & Comic Performances, a launch of Strawacademy Organization as well as Video Premieres will happen during the event.


The event is entry-free but will have a fundraiser element. On the form, you will be asked if you intend to support Cameroonian Spoken Word during the event; all are encouraged to support.


Only 50 spaces intended.


After submitting the form you will receive a seat number within 24 hours by mail

Brief Bio of Strawacademy

Founded in November of 2015, Strawacademy Africa is a Cameroonian Christian hybrid (Non-Profit + Profit) Organization with dealings in Inspiration & Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Vocational Education, E-learning & Academia, Art & Entertainment, Agriculture, Environment & Conservation, Community Development & Nation Building. Apart from being an inspirational power house and a running business development Academy with 57 registered members, Strawacademy is a business incubator with over 7 incubatory startup businesses.





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