#WomanCrushWednesday: Lucie Audrey, The mystery of hard work in her art (photos)


Where my beautiful KD readers at? What’s popping your world this Wednesday. You already know how we start our Wednesday, but if you are here for the first time, then Karawa Diary wants to let you know that we start our Wednesday by naming our Woman Crush. The Woman Crush Wednesday column is to celebrate ladies that are creating impact in our society and the world at large so that it can inspire others to create same impact then we can change the world together.

If you are a fashion addict or close to one then our model of the week needs no introduction but if you are not don’t worry KD got you.Our Woman Crush Wednesday is A human being whose world is that of Fashion.

Meneng Lucie Audrey is a 1.82m tall beauty who grew up and schooled in Buea. She earned a degree in Journalism and mass communication from the place to be.(UB)She has excelled greatly in the modeling industry and today she is on our hot seat to feed our curiosity. Ok now that you guys are acquainted lets dig in.

KD: When did you start modeling and how receptive has your family been towards your art.

Lucie: I started modeling in 2011 and it has been a runway ride since then with my family members acting as a great support system by never missing any show.

KD: What else do you do for a living?

Lucie: When i am not on the runway i work at a marketing and communication agency, Cliq media and I am also the brand/tourism ambassador for Semme Beach Hotel. (Wow those are 3 jobs in case you missed it-unemployment isn’t even her issue).

KD: Which do you have a bigger passion for?

Lucie: (Smiles) modeling obviously.

KD: What do you have to say about the negative impression people have of models?

Lucie: Of course, there is some truth to it but it’s not a general rule or case. We all form our principles on how to go about life from different circumstances considering our backgrounds and preferred destination. There are a lot of decent models out there putting in their best and they don’t deserve the bad names the cheap ones bring on us as models. (Spoken like a true Grande seour don’t you agree??)

KD: What are the major challenges in the modeling industry as far as Cameroon is concerned?

Lucie:The whole system is a challenge.its not very professional to an extent.Most modeling jobs are gotten via “connection” so eventually the good unconnected models are left behind. Also, very few shows pay models well so a model could end up spending more than she/he gets paid for.

KD: Which projects have been involved with so far?

Lucie: FIAFA,Miss Semme Beach 2016,K-Walk (biggest show in Cameroon) and most recently African fashion week in Lagos. That has been the biggest so far. By the way, I have been Nominated in the Category of Best Female Model in the yet to be Cameroon Fashion Awards 2017. I was also awarded Best female model of the year at the African models exhibition in lagos.

KD: Future projects?

Lucie: Yes, definitely but it’s still a little too early to tell.(laughs) but guys watch out there are big things in store for you and I.

KD:Who would you be if you were not a model?

Lucie: Anything but a doctor I guess (what could this pretty face have against doctors??We also guess that’s a story for another day, so noted)

KD: Who are you when the cameras go out?

Lucie: I’m a little lovely adorable smiley face who is a little crazy and jumping from one end to the other. Sometimes screaming and mimicking Disney Stars.


KD: Who do you wanna work with and when do you intend stopping modeling?

Lucie:Alain Nyann; he is like my personal best in Cameroon and then there is Ade Adekola in Nigeria. Hahah I intend to stop modeling when I can no longer stand. (Judging from her age now that’s a long long time away. Don’t scroll up we didn’t give you the age figures haha).

Lucy at the FIAFA2016 run-way in an Ahmah Wear

KD: Any last words for those enthusiastic or discouraged about modeling?

Lucie: For those aspiring, it’s a great job when you are passionate. For those discouraged it was never meant to be easy but hard work and sacrifice pay. Though the industry is what it is you will surely make it if you are good and know what you want.

KD: So there it is guys I personally like to call her the queen of the run way. Elegant and classy. I am sure you are wondering if she is taken, well that’s another story coming soon. Fellas keep your fingers crossed. Ladies you too.

That was…..Sylvia Waindim for KD

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