About the young boy beaten & burnt to death in Lagos for stealing; what let to the killing (graphic images)


Social media went crazy with the jungle justice exhibited in Nigeria recently. The story has it that these boy was beaten and burnt to dead because he stole garri. It is also said that the boy was seven years of age.

However, a video surfaced online uploaded by a twitter user that conveyed a different information. The boy in question was not actually 7 years old like earlier speculated but he’s still a young boy and from voices heard in the video it’s alleged that he stole a phone and not garri as earlier reported.

It’s also alleged that he wanted to kill the owner of the phone before he was apprehended, beaten and burnt to death. This happened at Alafia along Badagry-Expressway of Lagos last Saturday. Nothing warrants such barbaric act. Nothing!

KD readers what do you think about this Jungle justice

What do you think?