Anglophone crisis: SDF plans solidarity march in Douala


The Social Democratic Front, SDF, Cameroon’s main opposition party, has announced that it will be staging solidarity marches in Cameroon’s port city of Douala on October 21. The party has already notified administrative authorities about the holding of the event.

According to Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, the Regional Chairperson of the SDF for Littoral, the march is aimed at showing their solidarity with the Northwest and Southwest population in the Anglophone Crisis.

Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu had stated in a press release reportedly already submitted at the Douala I Divisional Officer’s office, that they will be a meeting at 1.00pm to demonstrate.

“This demonstration aims to express our solidarity to the populations of the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon,” reads an excerpt of the release.

Going by the release, the activists plan to march from the Omnisport Stadium to Carrefour Agip passing through Marché Mboppi to Carrefour Deux Eglises – Carrefour Ancien Dalip and then Salle des fêtes d’Akawa where they will end.

It is not yet clear if the government will approve the party’s October 21 demonstration given that several of it’s kind has been rejected in the past. It should be recalled that the SDF sensitisation marches scheduled for February and March this year were all denied approval: prominently the announced demonstration on March 4 in support of “Federalism and national unity”. The campaign was banned by Jean Marie Tchakui Moundie, Divisional Officer for Douala V in whose jurisdiction the sensitisation activities were scheduled to take place.

Cameroon security officers had equally surrounded the home of  Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu on Saturday March 4 to prevent him from holding the grand meeting and peaceful march in Douala to sensitise citizens on federalism and national unity.


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