The Anglophone Problem: Dr Fontem Neba’s new car successfully funded


Breaking yesterday the 15th of January, Dr Fontem’s car which was parked infron of the health unit of the university of Buea was found burnt to arshes. The car was the only targeted vehicle as many other vehicles packed there were not touched by the flames.

When the images of the burnt vehicle went viral on social media, an online funding campaign was launched to get him a new car. The target which stood at $10,000 was hit in less than 14hrs. The amount already funded sits above $16,000 as of now. See image below from

It is important to note that Dr Fontem is an active member of the Consortium heading the  fight against the Anglophone Problem and has been tireless representing his people hence the gesture of good will. You know it is always said “one good turn deserves another”. By the way Karawa Diary learned that the funding campaign is still running. So you definitely know what to do.

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