Anglophone Problem : New Reaction from Government

Deputy Attorney General in Jail

The Anglophone Problem, as it is commonly referred to in Cameroon, is a socio-political issue rooted in Cameroon’s colonial legacies between the Germans, British, and theFrench. The issue classically and principally opposes many Cameroonians from the Northwest and Southwest regions, many of whom consider themselves anglophones, to the rest of Cameroonians. 

Events surrounding the revolution have been unlawful abductions by forces of law and order (more than 1000 people), disrupt of school from civil society, initialization of ghost towns, boycott of Plebiscite day, militarization of urban areas, cut of data services.

Ghost town in Santa on Plebiscite day

The leader of the ad-hoc committee created by the Prime Minister to dialogue with the consortium of trade unions, had this to say on CRTV. Mr Ghogomu insisted that there was no strike in the anglophone regions, he made mention of the fact that 4 out of 5 trade unions signed the document to call off the strike. According to him, SYNES Buea didn’t sign because their leader was nowhere to be found.

When he was asked about the internet blackout in the regions, he made us to understand that the diaspora used the internet to intimidate people. He continued saying that internet will be restored when school will resume effectively.Concerning the militarization of the regions, Mr Ghogomu said he is not well placed to answer the question. That only the Ministry of National Security and the Minister Delegate at the presidency in Charge of Defense are responsible.

According to him, the government planned to embark on the following decisions

  • To reduce the deficit of Anglophone Engineers; the Government is previewing the creation of a Polytechnic school in Bamenda or Buea. This is baffling because there are two state own engineering schools in Buea, but with heavy presence of francophone students. So is this the right solution?
  • Some 2970 PTA teachers will be recruited by end of 2017.
  • The Director announced the holding of a National Education Forum in the month of July 2017. This comes 10 years after the previous one.



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