Apostle Suleman Asks for Kidnappers in Cameroon to handover those kidnapped or start fighting themselves.


According to information coming to Karawa Diary, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Nigeria has today given 7 days to those kidnapping in Cameroon to handover the victims or they will start fighting amongst themselves. He said it during his live service.

He also stated the fact that this kidnappers are enriching themselves from the crisis going on. He added that Cameroon is his second home.

It will be important for you to note that Nigeria which is the first home of Suleman and also the place where he is based has been going through several crisis too, including the Boko Haram attacks, The Fulani Herdsmen killing and still has records of Chibok girls who were kidnapped and not yet found.

Some are questioning the fact that, he is not able to tend to these problems in his country but can be fast to address that of his Second home Cameroon.

What do you think?