Bafoussam:11 year old student drowns after school in attempt to rescue bucket


Ange Anita Kameni is the unfortunate student of a private secondary school in Bafoussam who got drowned after a successful school kick off.

The incident occurred on 5th September 2016 in the afternoon after a heavy downpour.

This little girl who was a form five student in the French subsystem of education was attempting to rescue her bucket from a ditch before the gruesome scene.

According to eyewitnesses, after returning from school, she was sent to grind some stuff at a grinder nearby and on her way back home a bucket containing the grounded stuff fell into a ditch and she was tempted to dive inside even after having been advice by her friend to let go.

Anita Kameni hesitated saying that if the bucket is taken away by the waters her mother is going to beat her up. She finally dived in to the ditch in search of the bucket but both the bucket and her were no where to be found.

The fire fighters who were alerted searched immensely for her but to no avail.

As a result of this, Social experts have called upon parents to treat their kids in a considerable manner since Anita was forced to dive into the ditch for fear of being punished by her mother. It is obvious that if Anita had come back back home without the bucket she would have been punished despite the impending circumstances.

Parents must therefore value the lives of their children by paying attention to what they say in every situation rather than always being aggressive.


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